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Established Since 1985, Lucky Furniture and Handicrafts always aims at providing the best quality & latest trends of furniture and decor at the best prices. We are the biggest store of Indian furniture offering the “Real Shopping Experience to our customers”

A Taste of some designs

We have plenty of designs always available at our store to choose from, However every home is unique because it is a reflection of a personality. Hence our products are sold as individual piece so you can truly design your home.

The Workshop

Our Products are made in INDIA, by professional carpenters specializing in Handicrafts. Every Product from our production is unique and a limited edition on its own. Because of every unique details.

We at Lucky Furniture & Handicrafts guarantee the best prices in UAE.

Moving the dream forward, we always inspire, design and produce new designs in our vast range of collections.

Start your journey of luck today at Lucky Furniture & Handicrafts.

“Everyday is a Lucky day here”

The Lucky Hamza

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Almost Lucky 90%